TejHospitality LLC is partnered with Curriki, an online, free, open education service. Curriki is structured as a nonprofit organization, like TejHospitality, to provide open educational resources primarily in support of K-12 education. Curricula and instructional materials are available at the Curriki website to teachers, professional educators, students, lifelong learners, and parents. 

The name Curriki is a portmanteau of the words "curriculum" and "wiki". Curriki’s mission is to use technology to help break down economic and geographic barriers that prevent children worldwide from having access to quality education, and thereby to make learning possible for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Curriki's model is to develop curricula through community contributors, and to deliver curricula and open educational resources globally. Anyone with access to the Internet can contribute and use the material found on Curriki to teach themselves or others. Since the materials, which include digital textbooks, learning videos, and interactive resources, are provided in open source, they can be adapted as needed to particular requirements inside or outside of the classroom.




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