Having just graduated from St. Louis Priory School this past year, I can relate to some of the struggles of being a high school student. One of my biggest frustrations as a high schooler was that I felt that there were too many limitations for students to be impactful in their area of focus or expertise. There is so much untapped potential lying around that could be utilized for the greater good of society. So, I decided to take the initiative of founding my nonprofit, TejHospitality, with that key idea in mind. There are too many problems in the world, but I believe that by highlighting and tackling a few of them, the beginning of something constructive could take shape to make our shared home better, one step at a time. But, I cannot do this by myself. That’s why I’m asking you, the reader, to get involved. Any volunteering, financial support, and advice is greatly appreciated and no gift is ever too small! The world is in our hands—how will we shape it?